"A collection of companies you can trust in your home"

About Us

In 2009, a small group of independent business professionals began meeting to form a network of individuals who could refer their home service clients to other individuals whose company could provide a service that is outside their field of expertise.  The purpose of this group was to recommend another company’s services that we knew we could trust in our customers homes.  Referrals are priceless when given by satisfied customers. It was the intent to give the referral of a company that we have used ourselves.  

The core group was and is today made up of companies that provide service in, on, under and around the house.  We stay away from other services like real estate, banking investment, attorneys and other “white collar” professions.

The core belief was that you had to have someone within the group recommend you to this organization that is now known as Home Service Pros.  The goal is to maintain a company for every type of service that a homeowner would need.  It is the responsibility of each member to make sure that any referrals they give are followed up on.  If there is a member who does not do this, they will be asked to leav the organization.  Poor follow up will not be tolerated.